Simply flex the metal disc until you hear a ‘clicking sound’ and it should activate the solution inside causing it to heat up, you must knead the pad to evenly distribute the solution inside.

To reset the packs, boil a pan of water until bubbling then turn it down to a low simmer. Put the pads inside and leave them sitting in the water until all the salt crystals dissolve (around 15-20 minutes.) Once you think they are ready to be taken out the water, turn off the heat and let them soak in the hot water for an extra 5 minutes for good measure. After this, remove them from the hot water and hold them up to a light so you can check for any leftover salt inside the pad. If they are completely clear you can lay them flat to cool off ready for next use.

Each pad comes with a safety seal on to avoid them activating in shipment. Some are slightly harder than others! Hold the disc and flex back and forth until you hear the clicking noise.

No, you CANNOT put your product in the microwave, it has metal in it and will ruin the product and the microwave.

When activating the heat pack, crystals form immediately. They remain soft for a while but as they cool down, they begin to harden. Eventually, the pack will be quite solid. To return the pack back to its liquid state, simply boil until it becomes FULLY clear.

The packs will heat up to 130 degrees. If you have particularly sensitive skin, be sure to place a towel or cloth between your skin and the hot pack.

As long as you take good care of it, there is no limit on how many times it can be used.

The only reason the pads are re-crystalizing once you take them out the water is because they haven’t had time to fully dissolve back to a liquid. Because of the chemical reaction the pads work on, the salt inside must be FULLY melted back down before you remove it from the water as if there are still small pieces of salt remaining it will cause the pad to re-crystalize.

NO! Clix is filled with salt and water (sodium acetate) and when the metal disc is clicked it causes a chemical reaction. The ingredients are not harmful and all natural.

Should the unlikely event of a damaged item occur; simply email us with a copy of your receipt and an image of the product and we can happily assist!
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